With the people
who take care of the building.

With the people
who take care of the building.

Our mission

We construct valuable buildings with high technology and maintain buildings with value over a long period.
We aim to make everyone who get involved with our buildings fulfilled.

Our Service

Property Management

Maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning of buildings, equipment and machinery


Renovation for Office buildings, apartment buildings, and commercial facilities.
Electrical & Mechanical facilities (Air conditioning, Water Supply, Drainage and sanitation)

Electrical Construction

Electrical construction and service for buildings, residential,public and commercial facilities.


Our Strength

Results and Trust from 70 years’ Experience

We believe our company’s most important mission is business continuation.
In 2022, Akitem will celebrate its 70th anniversary, and we are proud we have always been profitable. Many of our clients have enjoyed working with us for many years because we have the structural capacity to handle the responsibility for buildings entrusted to us many years ago. In this manner, we offer an irreplaceable trust. In addition, we have strong earnings to show our continuous steady growth as an “entity with an excellent record”, without any potentially problematic sudden growth spurts. We will continue to apply our calm, trustworthy business plan in the future.

Synergy with 4 Specialties in 1 Organization

Akitem created its organization based on four areas of expertise: our core technology of “electrical installation;” continuous building protection by our “integrated building management;” maintaining our buildings’ appearance by our “renewal construction,” and our added-value to buildings by our “property management.” Akitem’s close-knit groups work seamlessly together enabling us to provide a one-stop shop for building services. We have developed a synergy for century-long construction, creating, protecting, and fully utilizing a building.

Pride and Passion in our Technology

We are proud of our history starting with our foundation as an electrical installation company. Today, while we continue developing our expertise in this field, our sense of value is also focused on “technology,” and these principles flow through our DNA. Akitem’s corporate culture fosters turning out newly qualified individuals regularly, which is a result of our relentless efforts and research into technology. As we can perceive a building’s problems from multiple angles, we can propose novel ideas. Our extensive knowledge and experience in various specialized fields, including architecture, equipment, and electrical installation, contribute to our deliverable services.

Our People – the Source of Our Power

The services we provide across our four business fields originate in our dedicated people. Our professionals naturally take pride in delivering our expertise and are passionate about our work. We have also built long-standing relationships with our trustworthy partners and craftspeople. They are another important asset to the services we provide. Thanks to our ability to incorporate the objective opinions from these external partners, we are better able to elicit ideas beneficial to our customers’ interests. Akitem appreciates our collaborating people who all value buildings.

Frontline Priorities Lead to Fast Results

Akitem’s organization is flexible and fast. We have established an internal structure capable of responding in any timeframe. We can take on an urgent project utilizing our mobility, while all our departments communicate and collaborate smoothly with flexibility. Our management leads at the frontline, acting quickly because we aim for a fast result, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Best Proposals Maximizing a Building’ s Value

Akitem has a strong relationship with buildings. It appreciates buildings and architecture, even in its spare time. This desire ensures we create high-value buildings with a keen eye to protect the environment. Akitem is also a building owner itself, and we use this advantageous perspective to understand our customers’ wishes. Therefore, we give everything we have while also considering the building owner’s viewpoint in order to present truly feasible ideas based on technologies supported by our people.


Corporate Name Akitem Inc.
Company Address
【Head Office】
Higashiyama Building 1-1-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043
Phone: +81-3-3760-7701
Info : info@akitem.co.jp
【Akihabara Office】
Tensho Akihabara Mansei Building 705, 2-23-1, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0041
Phone: +81-3-5256-1545
President and Representative director
  • Kentaro Koibuchi
Capital JPY 81million
Major Banks of account The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation


In 1952 by Tomizo Jimba as Akita Denki Shokai, Ltd
Incorporated 1957, as Akita Denki Co., Ltd.
Renamed Akitem Inc. in 1993

1952 Founded at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo by Tomizo Jimba as Akita Denki Shokai, Ltd.
1957 Incorporated as Akita Denki Inc. by first President and Representative Director, Tomizo Jimba.(Capitalized at 2 million yen.)
1974 Established head-office building at Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1982 Increased capital to 81 million yen.
1987 Yozo Koibuchi became President and RepresentativeDirector.
1989 Head office transferred to Kamimeguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo
1993 Renamed to Akitem Inc.
1995 Established "Building Maintenance Department" or Maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning of buildings, equipment and machinery
1996 Established "Renewal Department" for Renovation for office buildings, apartment buildingst, and commercial facilities and E&M (Electrical・・echanical) facilities
2007 Head office transferred to Higashiyama Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
2010 Property management services were started.
2013 Tenant-leasing services were started.
2017 65 years since Akitem was established.
2018 Kentaro Koibuchi became President and Representative Director.
2021 Akihabara office opened.
※The National tax agency has certified us as a good standing tax return since June, 1978.


Major Business Partners

  • ARDEPRO Co., Ltd.
  • ATEN JAPAN Co., Ltd.
  • Audi Japan Sales KK
  • Hilti Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Facility Solutions, Inc.
  • Keio Construction Co.,Ltd.
  • Link Trust Co.,Ltd.
  • Meguro City Office
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
  • Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  • Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • T.Rowe Price Japan, Inc.
  • TableMark Co.,Ltd.
  • Takenaka Corporation
  • Tokyo Capital Management Co.,Ltd.
  • Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
  • Vantan Inc.

Registered Associations

  • Japan Building Maintenance Association
  • Japan Electrical Construction association
  • Meguro Corporation Association
  • Meguro Electrical Disaster Prevention Association
  • Meguro Security Guard Association
  • Meguro Superior Tax Return Corporation Association
  • Shibuya Building Management Association
  • The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Tokyo Building Maintenance Association
  • Tokyo Electrical Association