Corporate Name
Akitem Inc.
Higashiyama Building 1-1-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043
Phone: +81-3-3760-7701
Info : info@akitem.co.jp
Board of Directors
President and Representative Director: Kentaro Koibuchi
Chairman and Representative Director: Yozo Koibuchi
Director:Tamiko Koibuchi
Director: Nobuo Hara
Director: Takashi Iwamoto
Director: Akihito Yui
Auditor: Mariko Ono
JP Yen: 81,000,000yen
In 1952 by Tomizo Jimba as Akita Denki Shokai, Ltd
Incorporated 1957, as Akita Denki Co., Ltd.
Renamed Akitem Inc. in 1993
Our Mission

We construct valuable buildings with high technology and maintain buildings with value over a long period.
We aim to make everyone who get involved with our buildings fulfilled.

Our Strength

1. We are both a construction company and a building maintenance company
In general, construction companies focus on construction period, but after the completion of the buildings they do not focus on the operation of the building. On the other hand, for building maintenance companies, building management (maintenance service) is their forte, and they can handle daily operation. But they are not specialists in building facilities, and it is sometimes hard for them to deal with constitutive issue of the building facilities. Akitem. Inc, we provide both construction services and building maintenance services. Our clients consult us on whatever they want for their visible valuable properties.

2. We are building owners
We provide building maintenance services and we also own an office building and apartment in Tokyo. Through operating our own properties, we learn what building owners are conscious about, or what the demand to the building maintenance companies is, etc. We are trying to learn and understand how building owners think.

3. We have been providing services for over 60 years
Akitem. Inc was established in 1952, and we have been providing our services for over 60 years. Our history proves our honor and confidence with our clients. Although we are proud of it, we do not accept our settled environment. That is why we have established building maintenance services in 1995, and Renewal services in 1996. We keep taking on challenges, and continuing to generate innovation and improvement.

Line of Business
Property Management (Maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning of buildings, equipment and machinery)
Renovation for office buildings, apartment buildings, and commercial facilities Electrical・・echanical facilities (Air conditioning, Water Supply, Drainage and sanitation)
Electrical construction and service for buildings, residential, public and commercial facilities
Major Banks of Account
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation
210 (as of April 1, 2016)

1952 Founded at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo by Tomizo Jimba as Akita Denki Shokai, Ltd.
1957 Incorporated as Akita Denki Inc. by first President and Representative Director, Tomizo Jimba.
(Capitalized at 2 million yen.)
1974 Established head-office building at Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1982 Increased capital to 81 million yen.
1987 Yozo Koibuchi (current president) became President and Representative Director.
1989 Head office transferred to Kamimeguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo
1993 Renamed to Akitem Inc.
1995 Established "Building Maintenance Department" or Maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning
of buildings, equipment and machinery
1996 Established "Renewal Department" for Renovation for office buildings, apartment buildings, and
commercial facilities and E&M (Electrical・・echanical) facilities
2007 Head office transferred to Higashiyama Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

※The National tax agency has certified us as a good standing tax return since June, 1978.

Major Business Partners
Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.
Keio Construction Co., Ltd.
Takenaka Corporation
Orix Facilities Co., Ltd.
Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd.
Vantan Inc.
TableMark Co., Ltd.
Kokubu & Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Marine & Nichido Facilities Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Care Network Co., Ltd.
Audi Japan Sales KK
TRW Automotive Japan Co., Ltd.
TUV Rheinland Japan Co., Ltd.
Hilti Japan Co., Ltd.
Sulzer Metco Japan Co., Ltd.
Registered Associations

Tokyo Electrical Association
Tokyo Electrical Association
Japan Electrical Construction association
Meguro Electrical Disaster Prevention Association
Meguro Security Guard Association

Meguro Superior Tax Return Corporation Association
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tokyo Building Maintenance Association
Japan Building Maintenance Association

Shibuya Building Management Association
Meguro Corporation Association